Are your car and truck windows freezing shut?

The All-New Drivers Edge—frees frozen power windows and manual windows during the winter months by addressing what caused them to freeze shut in the first place. Discover how you can free frozen vehicle windows »

Free Frozen Shut Windows with the Drivers Edge Release Tool.

Snow covered truck with frozen windows

During the freeze and thaw cycles of the winter season, power windows or manual windows in a vehicle can be frozen shut and rendered inoperable. Moisture caught between the glass and the seals located inside the vehicle’s door panel freeze the glass to the seals rendering the window un-operable. This is not only an inconvenience but can cause a hazardous driving condition. Trying to force the window can cause unnecessary damage to the windows operating mechanism resulting in costly repairs.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why proper car and truck window operation is a must during the winter months:

  1. The view from the side windows can be hindered by the outside conditions,rolling the windows down can alleviate this problem.
  2. One would like to use a common drive thru service (banks, fast food & etc.).
  3. The passengers would like fresh air when the interior of the vehicle becomes to warm and uncomfortable.
  4. Smokers commonly roll a window down to clear the smoke.


Drivers Edge Window Release Tool Design

From blade to handle the Drivers Edge window release tool is designed and built to last. Design and Features »


Window Release Tool Instructions

Using the this tool to free windows when they freeze shut couldn't be easier—insert, slide and remove.
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The Drivers Edge will be available for purchase on-line direct from Hallman Innovations in the Fall of 2013. For more information visit our Where to Buy section for more details.